Official Rules for Sweepstakes and Contests

Official Rules

The following rules relate to all sweepstakes and contests run on the Service (each an “Event”).  Additional rules relating to each Event that appears on the Service may be listed in the Details section of that specific Event.  By entering into an Event, User agrees to be bound by these Official Rules and any additional details relating to that specific sweepstakes or contest that are listed in the Details section of the Service for that Event.  These Official Rules are incorporated into the Terms of Service and are agreed to by Users of the Service.

General Terms

The following general terms apply to all Events run on the Service:

  • NO PURCHASE NECESSARY to enter a sweepstakes or contest on the Service
  • Apple Inc. is NOT a sponsor of any Events run on the Reapso Service
  • Eligibility limited to U.S. residents ages 17 or older as of start of current year
  • Events are limited by a deadline or number of entries.  Each Event has its own deadline.
  • Sweepstakes winners are selected at random and notified by ReapSo via the e-mail address in the User’s profile.
  • ReapSo will contact winners via the e-mail address
  • User is responsible to ensure that the e-mail provided to ReapSo upon account activation, and any subsequent e-mail on account during the Term of Service is active and one that the User checks frequently. ReapSo is not responsible for a User not receiving a correspondence due to filtering by a User’s anti-spam or other software.
  • E-mail is the only means ReapSo has of contacting a User that may be a winner.  Therefore, it is the User’s responsibility to keep the e-mail on file with ReapSo updated at all times.  This can be accomplished by updating the “Email” field in the “Edit Profile” section of the “Profile” tab on the ReapSo App.
  • ReapSo may announce a winner on the ReapSo website (or affiliate websites), ReapSo Facebook page, ReapSo Twitter feed, ReapSo Instagram account, or any other digital, print or social media outlet managed by ReapSo.  Users agree to ReapSo’s use of non-personally identifiable information during the announcements.  Users agree to ReapSo providing non-personally identifiable information to its partners, clients, broadcasters, and other parties with which it does business in order to promote the winner of an Event or several Events.
  • User agrees to ReapSo providing their e-mail and non-personally identifiable information to the Event sponsor and/or broadcaster in accordance with our Privacy Policy
  • Winners must provide ReapSo with their valid name and U.S. mailing address in order to claim their prize
  • In the event a User is selected as the winner of a sweepstakes more than one time in a 30-day period, ReapSo may award the prize to the next eligible User randomly selected from the pool of entrants.
  • Winners are provided 30 calendar days from ReapSo’s initial e-mail correspondence to the User’s e-mail address on file to claim their prize and provide full and accurate mailing information to ReapSo
  • If a winner refuses to or fails to timely provide all or part of the information required to mail their prize, winner immediately forfeits their claim to the prize and forever releases ReapSo of any and all liability related to prize fulfillment.
  • In the event a winner forfeits their prize, ReapSo may award the prize to another eligible Event entrant without further delay

Entry Procedures

A list of all active and recently closed Events is available under the “WIN” tab in the ReapSo App.  Tap on the “WIN” tab to reveal the available Events.  User can mark an Event a favorite by tapping on the star to the right of the Event description.

User selects an Event by tapping on it.

User must read and agrees to be bound by any additional terms listed in the Details section of an Event.

Upon reading Details, User may enter an Event via a two step process: (1) slide the “peach” icon across the screen, and (2) tap on the “Confirm” button to confirm entry.

An entry receipt with time and date is provided upon entry into the Event.  User will be provided approximate chances of winning based on number of entries received at that time.  Actual odds may vary based upon final total number of entries received.

Prize Descriptions

Prize descriptions and details are provided within the App and on the ReapSo website.  Prizes may be substituted at the sole discretion of ReapSo for a prize of equivalent value based on availability or other restrictions.

General Disclaimers

ReapSo generally provides prizes via US Mail.  ReapSo is not responsible for prizes that are lost, delayed or stolen in the delivery process.  ReapSo is not responsible for typographical errors in printed or posted materials, technical failures in the Service, or acts out of control of ReapSo.

Liability Release

Upon opening a User account with ReapSo, the User agrees to release ReapSo, its shareholders, directors, officers, employees, and agents from any and all claims related to the Service.

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