Demo Videos

ReapSo:  Where Fans Connect with Brands:  An introductory video targeting media sales groups (live events, TV, Radio, web, print, social) and highlighting how the ReapSo platform can drive new sources of revenue through its unique offering.

ReapSo … Reward Yourself … Every Day:  Our latest high quality clip art video tells you about the basics of the ReapSo app.  Enter contests to win stuff.  Nab deals at places you like.  Paperless.  Quick.  Hassle-free!

Getting Started:  This “back-alley” grainy focus video shows you how to rank things, find and use spins, and get cool rewards on things you love.  A great demo to help get you going.  Definitely not a high-quality production video, but it works!

Merchant and Collectible Partners:  Our second video … even before the app was created.  Calling all businesses and artists.  Get your message out.  Get noticed.  Spread your brand to the world!!  Contact us!

Introducing ReapSo:  Our first video … even before the app was created.  We’ll keep this one for nostalgia!

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