Content Etiquette

Content Etiquette

ReapSo is special because of the users, merchants, broadcasters and artists who use it.

The guidelines below are based on collective input from people using ReapSo.  These are suggestions to help keep the user experience positive and to ensure that content on the ReapSo system is useful.

1.         Be Respectful

ReapSo provides a mobile forum to create and maintain relationships between people and the brands/things they love.  Individual tastes are personal, and people like all sorts of things.  However, if you are creating a collection of content for display and distribution on the ReapSo platform, please be tasteful and respectful and know that many people may view it – not just those that love it!  Additionally, if you are creating or promoting a contest, sweepstakes, poll, or trivia question, please make sure the content is tasteful, accurate, and respectful to those that may view it.

2.         Be Authentic

ReapSo is a way to get your brand or art in the hands of those that love it.  Your content is an expression of you and the brand you have or are building.  We think being authentic to who you are is more important than getting lots of interaction with users.  Being authentic will make ReapSo a better place long-term.  Make sure your pictures, videos, text, links, and other digital content items represent you and your brand properly.

3.         Credit Your Sources

You can provide descriptions, credits, and links in the details section of each piece of content that you place in a collection.  Please correctly cite your sources and have appropriate permissions to display content that is not your own.  If you notice that a piece of content is not referenced correctly or there are any material misstatements, contact us to let us know.  Referencing the original source is always preferable to a secondary source such as Image Search or a blog entry.

4.         Report Objectionable Content

We do not allow nudity, hateful content, or content that encourages people to hurt themselves.  If you find content that violates our Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy please contact us and reference the piece of contact that you want reviewed.

5.         Tell Us How to Make ReapSo Better

We’re just getting started, so there are going to be bumps here and there.  Let us know what’s working, what’s not.  Even though we don’t always have time to respond to each and every email, we take your input seriously.  You can contact us anytime.

Last updated August 8, 2014.

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